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Post Processing Bird Images Workflow Video

In this video, I share with you my workflow for effective post processing bird images and noise reduction and sharpening applied. The video is also available for viewing on the Visual Wilderness website where I’m a regular contributor.



Creating an Emotional Impact With Images

When I photograph birds, I have one sole intention: I want my audience not only to look carefully at the images but stop, spend some time with them, and be truly curious about them. Images that generate an emotion involve a thought process and must be carefully planned ahead of time. While staging birdshots is one way of doing this, I personally prefer to do it in a natural environment. There are many ways of creating impact with images; in this post, I will be sharing my thoughts on the story telling, mood, composition and techniques that create this impact.

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10 Essential Bird Photography Tools for Success – Part 2

In part two of this two-part article, I continue to share with you tips about the essential tools that should be part of your gear when you are out in the field. Read more…



10 Essential Bird Photography Tools for Success – Part 1

Just as a successful recipe requires all of the right ingredients to come together, the same is true in bird photography. In order to come away with great bird images, you must be armed with the right tools when you’re out in the field. Simply having a long prime lens and a pro-level DSLR doesn’t guarantee great images. In part one of this two-part article, I share with you tips about the essential tools that should be part of your gear when you are out in the field.

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Backgrounds Can Make or Break Bird Images

As a bird photographer, I always prefer to see birds perched or flying against colorful backgrounds that accentuate their beauty. As beautiful as birds are, in bird photography that almost amounts to nothing if one does not take into consideration that it is in the hands of the photographer to bring birds to life thru carefully crafted images. I say this because to most people birds are a distant moving or sitting subjects. Many photographers go into a shooting spree when they see a bird, often not taking into consideration about the background behind it. By virtue of considering and practicing the following concepts, your bird images can go from looking ordinary to spectacular. Read more…



Bird Photography Tips: Shooting Action

In an interview with the team of Visual Wilderness, I share some valuable bird photography tips and talk about making action images.

Bird Photography Tips, Sandhill Crane, birds in flight

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Canon 7D Mark II Review

Canon 7D Mark II Review



Three years ago when I got very serious about bird photography, I knew I needed to upgrade from my first DSLR the Canon 50D to something better. After a thorough research, I decided to invest in the Canon 7D, which had a slightly faster frame rate and being an APS-C camera with a crop sensor, gave me more effective focal length. Increased focal length is always a driving force for a bird photographer when considering a camera.  Equipped with my 7D and the 500mm lens, in December of 2011, I headed to Bosque, New Mexico. After two days of shooting with the 7D, much to my dismay I found that the ISO related noise handling was extremely poor, causing the images to suffer badly, it was surprising that even at very low ISO, images seemed to appear as if high ISO settings were used. The autofocus was also sluggish.

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Scouting Early for Bird Photography Workshop in Bharatpur

I have recently just completed a first round scouting visit to Keoladeo Ghana National Park in preparation for my first bird photography workshop in Bharatpur in late January. I’m clearly excited about leading this workshop, the images below provide a good idea on what to expect in Bharatpur. Clearly there are vast opportunities to come away with lifetime of memories and learning experience.  It is a joy to visit Bharatpur as each visit provides a unique sense and feel to the place.

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Bird Photography Workshop in Bharatpur

A little over two months are remaining for my first ever Bird photography workshop in Bharatpur and I’m very excited about the opportunity to help and educate the participants on the fundamentals of bird photography. From understand composition, exposure, having a proper workflow in post processing to the ethics when approaching wildlife in the field, I will cover all of these and much more.

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Creative Photography and Going Beyond Birds

One very important aspect of bird photography is patience and lots of it, without it you cannot come away with good images; it is also true that even after you have spent hours trying to photograph birds, you may still come away with unsatisfactory results, especially when you are shooting forest birds. While you may not come away with any good images on a given day, if you spend the time and pay close attention to your surrounding, then you will realize that there are much more to forests then just birds. There is so much beauty in the trees, the falling leaves, the intertwined hanging vines and even entangled little insects hanging gently from leaves that with some patience and effort you can do some creative photography.

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