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7 Steps To Streamlining Your Bird Photography Workflow

In this article, I share with you in detail the seven steps I implement for a streamlined bird photography workflow. I discuss what is going on in my head when I’m getting ready to shoot, and in a comprehensive way walk you through a typical day in the field.

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Tips For Photographing Birds at High Altitudes – Part II

In part two of this two-part article, I continue to provide you with tips for photographing birds at high altitudes.

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Tips For Photographing Birds at High Altitudes – Part I

In this two-part article, I provide you with tips for photographing birds at high altitudes. Do note, while the shooting conditions are different from sea level, there may be some overlap in techniques when shooting in different conditions or locations. We photographed birds at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level.

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Creating an Emotional Impact With Images

When I photograph birds, I have one sole intention: I want my audience not only to look carefully at the images but stop, spend some time with them, and be truly curious about them. Images that generate an emotion involve a thought process and must be carefully planned ahead of time. While staging birdshots is one way of doing this, I personally prefer to do it in a natural environment. There are many ways of creating impact with images; in this post, I will be sharing my thoughts on the story telling, mood, composition and techniques that create this impact.

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On Sacred Grounds

It is only fitting that my first blog post be about the place that gave me a sense of purpose in life, a reason to go on and discover my passion for birds and photographing them. I have just completed my first year as bird photographer and returned back to celebrate it at a place I consider my holy grail of bird photography, Bosque Del Apache National Refuge near Socorro New Mexico is that place which has so much to offer

The wetlands of Bosque attract wintering birds like the Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese and various species of ducks, which are the primary attraction here. Up to a 100,000 birds fill the refuges wetland and agricultural fields. The refuge has two main loops, the North Loop and the South Loop, which are easily accessible by vehicle. The North loop is extremely popular with visitors and photographers alike for it’s spectacular sunrise and snow geese blast offs along the flight deck. As you move along, there are observation decks for viewing the masses of snow geese, ross’s geese, sandhill cranes and the spectacular landscapes.

It is a dream for any bird photographer to be able to visit this beautiful refuge and take advantage of the unending image making opportunities available. It is also my hope that the images I made here convey my feelings about this refuge that I have come to love and cherish as sacred. Read more…