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Being Creative With Your Wildlife Photography

In a three-part article, Composition Tips for Wildlife Photography  that I wrote a while back, I discussed composition tips and the basic photography rules and principles to come up with effective compositions in relation to wildlife photography. As you grow and develop your technical skills, it is very important to nurture your creative approach towards your subject. By doing this, you can start to produce images that have a fresh, exciting, and unique feel; images that stand out loud amongst the sea of images.

In this article, I share some tips on creative composition and how to make images that break from the tradition and offer the audience a unique view.

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How to Use Shutter Speed Creatively

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, freezing the action of birds in flight is often the first instinct of new photographers. While I always enjoy capturing still images, I believe it’s imperative to think outside of the box… to get creative. In this article, I discuss fast and creative, two types of shutter speeds that you can use to come up with some creative images.

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Tips For Shooting Beautiful Silhouettes

Silhouette images have the potential to appear very artistic, striking and full of beauty. They show a photographers level of creativity and a fresh approach to shooting style and subjects. Here are a few tips on photographing silhouettes. Read more…



Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – Part 2

Waiting to photograph birds has greatly enhanced my visual perception of the world and allowed me to create images that are outside my comfort zone. Read more…



Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – Part 1

I’m often asked if my photography is limited to birds. While it’s true that birds are my passion and my photography is mostly dedicated to them, it’s also true that I have become much more in-tuned to the environment in which I shoot. Although patience is a key to success in bird photography, there will be days when your patience may bear no results. Over time, I’ve learned that waiting to photograph birds has greatly enhanced my visual perception of the world in which these birds live. The hours of waiting for avian action forces me to use my time effectively by paying close attention to the finer details in nature and making images that keep the creative juices flowing. In this two-part article, I share tips on photographing the nature around you while you wait for the birds.

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Creative Photography and Going Beyond Birds

One very important aspect of bird photography is patience and lots of it, without it you cannot come away with good images; it is also true that even after you have spent hours trying to photograph birds, you may still come away with unsatisfactory results, especially when you are shooting forest birds. While you may not come away with any good images on a given day, if you spend the time and pay close attention to your surrounding, then you will realize that there are much more to forests then just birds. There is so much beauty in the trees, the falling leaves, the intertwined hanging vines and even entangled little insects hanging gently from leaves that with some patience and effort you can do some creative photography.

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