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Backgrounds Can Make or Break Bird Images

As a bird photographer, I always prefer to see birds perched or flying against colorful backgrounds that accentuate their beauty. As beautiful as birds are, in bird photography that almost amounts to nothing if one does not take into consideration that it is in the hands of the photographer to bring birds to life thru carefully crafted images. I say this because to most people birds are a distant moving or sitting subjects. Many photographers go into a shooting spree when they see a bird, often not taking into consideration about the background behind it. By virtue of considering and practicing the following concepts, your bird images can go from looking ordinary to spectacular. Read more…



Scouting Early for Bird Photography Workshop in Bharatpur

I have recently just completed a first round scouting visit to Keoladeo Ghana National Park in preparation for my first bird photography workshop in Bharatpur in late January. I’m clearly excited about leading this workshop, the images below provide a good idea on what to expect in Bharatpur. Clearly there are vast opportunities to come away with lifetime of memories and learning experience.  It is a joy to visit Bharatpur as each visit provides a unique sense and feel to the place.

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Learn Flash Use in Bird Photography and Expand Your Photographic Horizon

In a recent interview, I was asked the question, what are some of the challenges you face in bird photography? I thought for a while as to how to sum it all up in the best possible way and here is what I said, “wildlife photography in general is a very challenging form of photography, elements of nature such as weather; lighting conditions and a cooperative subject are not in a photographer’s hand. Many a times, regardless of all the preparations we make, even if one of these elements is missing then the photographic opportunities are lost.” Read more…



Bird Photography Tips: Flash Setup For Birds

I have often been asked about the flash setup I use for bird photography, this is a question that is often followed by remarks such as, “it seems cumbersome”, “what is the right setup?” “It seems like a lot of work to setup” and so on. The purpose of this quick post is to introduce you to the basic setup for flash photography on birds and show you the various photographic tools that are necessary to execute proper flash use. This post is not about how to use flash as I have written a beginners introduction on flash use on my blog. I assure you that by the end of the post you will know all the setup requirements and you will realize that it is neither time consuming to setup once you get to know your gear nor as cumbersome to carry. While giving Bird photography tips, I often talk about the importance of fill flash, being prepared with the right tools and setup will provide you with successful results consistently. Read more…