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Bird Photography Workshop in Bharatpur

A little over two months are remaining for my first ever Bird photography workshop in Bharatpur and I’m very excited about the opportunity to help and educate the participants on the fundamentals of bird photography. From understand composition, exposure, having a proper workflow in post processing to the ethics when approaching wildlife in the field, I will cover all of these and much more.

I have been regularly visiting Keoladeo National Park for the last few months and always feel excited about the photographic opportunities that are to be had, even in the off season. My goal as a photographer has always been to focus on a given situation on the field and have patience as I wait to make images. Combining patience while also understanding the subjects behavior will enable you to capture those fleeting moments of nature which will leave a lasting impact on you and those viewing your images.


1/2500 sec F/8.0 ISO 800, Canon IDX 600mm +1.4x

1/2500 sec F/8.0 ISO 800, Canon IDX 600mm +1.4x

A symbiotic relationship is one in which two species mutually benefit from each other. The Nilgai or the Asian Antelope and the bank myna are two species that benefit from each other, the myna likes to feed on the fleas and will often roost on top of the Antelope which is a carrier, this in turn helps the Antelope to be sort of free from the fleas. In the image above, I was able to capture an eye contact with the Antelope as the Mynas roost. It was much more interesting for me to include the Antelope in it’s environment and a nice bonus as one more Myna flew in to find a seat on top. The eye contact with the Antelope and catching the action as well as the roosting mynas helps tell the story about their relationship.

I’m leaving for Bharatpur tomorrow morning and will be scouting for many more unique photographing opportunities; I will also be exploring some nearby areas for furthering the opportunities for the workshop participants. Upon my return, I will be doing more blog posts on Bharatpur, which will again emphasis on image making techniques, exposure and composition.

If you would like to join me for this unique learning opportunity then click here to register.


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  1. Nirmal Mittal

    Best of luck Gaurav for your up coming first workshop ! I am sure it will be a great experience !!

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